Monday, June 21, 2010

Glory to God

What does it mean to give Him glory? I think this is a religious term used in churches, but to give Him glory means to praise Him by giving Him the credit for all the good. Of course we'd never give HIM GLORY by the negative!

What good is going on in your life? God is so good and gracious that we can praise Him with the good in our lives!

Giving HIM the glory~today and always,
Lady Graceful

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Truth is virtually unknown these days...unfortunately the times prove that absolutes are unheard of by what we can see in the everyday. When I was in college about 15 yrs ago, my professor asked a room of 20 somethings and ME~an older returning student in my thirties IF we believed in a definite RIGHT and WRONG... .... .... ... ....

I was the only person to raise my hand. The other OLD DUDE student even, did not believe in absolute truths, only me. I honestly was surprised, but I shouldn't have been. Our society has carved away at truth for years and now we are reaping the benefits of our sowing!

Truth is fundamental and based on something. Without a solid foundation, TRUTH will not stand at all. When discussing marriage as the union of one man and one woman, I discussed the basis for this moral stand as well. What do we base truth and morality upon? Is it the ever changing desires and conscience of society? Remember that some current hymns were banned and considered bad when placed to popular alcohol drinking songs, but today are considered great religious standards reaching to touch many with their value. I well remember when fashion was an issue in the church~by God, you best not be caught DEAD in certain apparel, but today it's an OK what do base TRUTH upon?

The only thing that hasn't changed in 2K years is the Word of God. Since its penning and subsequent copying, God's Word has stood strong and the test of time! Listen, ALL law is based on some moral code. Where did we get ours? Folks all over can deny the Christian heritage of our nation, but just remember what law was established was founded upon the principals found in the Word of God. This is a well documented fact. All US Presidents have acknowledged God and the Bible. ALL except...

Let's remember our heritage of TRUTH and from where it comes. Truth's foundation is the Word. Let's pass It on...

Lady Graceful

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The God Who Comforts

God is the God of all comfort who comforts us so that we can comfort those who are experiencing similar things in life. I have found Him to be faithful and true to me, and hope you will know His love and care today.

Sometime ago I placed a picture on my homeschooling blog *blush* without securing permission, but honestly was so taken with it, as well as thought I had adequately given credit. To my horror, but eventual delight, I was contacted by the gracious owner, T. Alan Kirk who has given me permission along with his wonderful words concerning our Lord. (My advise is to NOT do this again, but ask~WHAT a blessing when things are done in proper order!)

Please go to see this inspiring piece and read his words and mine. I pray you will be blessed by our God who cares.

Lady Graceful
Blessed be the God of all comfort...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will the REAL Christmas Please Stand Up?

Distractions are everywhere. Like the Grinch, "Noise! Noise! Noise!" was his cry; I feel his pain! There's tons of noise surrounding this season where we declare that "Christ the Savior is born!" You know, we might be saying it in our churches, but our everyday existences during the holidays it's not said very loudly or well. Lights, and did I mention sounds, smells and all the scenes of the season really don't share Christ. They are certain to share commercialism, greed and excess! Sorry, but it's true. With some introspect we all can recognize that a little simpler, a little less of what's wrong and a GREATER focus of what's right will bring the REAL Christmas to our lives. How consumed are we over our decor, food, gifts...(you put what you will here!)?? But it's also about family~this is the secularist view~the tradition, the spirit of good will....we can see it all over the TV and the idea of family and friends gathering to partake of WHAT???? Food and what? While a focus on family isn't bad~it's not the one we need to have at heart~in our minds and souls~

Forgive me, but anybody notice the attitudes in the stores this time of year? I know this is negative, but to decry all the glories of something that really isn't all that good~bad attitudes and bad behavior isn't right, but while the shopper may be looking for something GOOD like a gift for another, why does the behavior and attitude have to be so rude?

Sugar and rich foods cause all sorts of problems as well. Weight gain and health issues get more complicated. But "our ideas," what's marketed to us is that big huge candy cane or cookies or something else yummy...Oh my mouth is watering..but what is this excess doing to us in the end and the GREATER question~what does this have to do with Jesus and His birth?

We give...Oh yes we do~but don't we "like to receive" too? Let's be real. How far will we get if we only gave? If we only...another idea too is how smug some of us feel when we give. I get sick over the idea of "the less fortunate gift giving deal." Anyone give to someone out of pity? Is THIS love? Uh....

But LOVE was born on that very time of year, when shepherds were in the fields, and people were required to register in their home towns to pay their taxes. Caesar Augustus was Emperor of Rome and wise men were star gazers. Love, real and lasting Love was born~humbly, simply, and without fan fare. But it's not how we remember it with our Christmas celebrations. We get all torn up~even children's padgets can be stressful and harming when children are pressured. PRESSURE that is unnecessary~where did the humility and simplicity go? Why are we in such a tizzy?

The REAL Christmas is LOVE! For God so loved...LOVED the world that He sent His only begotten Son...Love ~greater love hath no man than that He should lay down His life~for HIS FRIENDS...LOVE~Love thy neighbor as thyself....LOVE, love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind...LOVE...that the world may know if we have love one for the other...LOVE~
The embodiment of God's love is His Son, Jesus who in all humility came~and He died just 33 years later, crucified unjustly on a Roman cross. The cross has come to symbolize so much for so many~perhaps it's the REAL CHRISTMAS tree, and LOVE is the REAL CHRISTMAS focus...all this holiday hustle, hurry and bustle isn't about Jesus~it's about man or man's ideas...but LOVE is distinctly FOR mankind, not about mankind.

The REAL Christmas is Jesus~and in each of our lives we must find a way~during ANY holiday to make it all about Him. John said, HE must increase and I must decrease. True of everyone~true of me. We must focus and worship the Savior, the Love of God~Jesus the Christ in all our actions and beliefs. Then truly our Christmas will be as the word actually means ~ a Worship of Christ. Christ-Mass ~True and devoted in us as well look to the Savior!

Merry Christ Mass and may your holidays be real HOLY days!
Lady Graceful
Luke 2

Friday, November 6, 2009

To the Summit!

Ever been in a mess, a real pickle where it seemed nearly impossible to get out? Ever found yourself in a struggle or with a real challenge that you wondered how on earth you were going to make it through?

Everyday we are all faced with things, situations and problems that seem unsolvable, unable to fix or just tough! How do we get beyond the struggle to the place of victory, joy and peace?

Perseverance is a huge key to being successful at anything. Remember the children's story of The Little Engine That Could who pressed up the steep mountain with the words, "I think I can! I think I can!" as he pushed right up that obstacle to find himself at the summit with full victory? He never gives up nor in...he continues as hard and as steady as he can go..up, up, up until he reaches the top in victory, sweet victory!

For us, the bigger the problem, the greater the demand to overcome, the sweeter the victory! The more we invest, the better the payout! Even in our problems, something of refinement is occurring. Refinement, a purification of ourselves and we reach deeper, harder, in more earnest to find the solution, the way, the ability.

Reaching deeply into ourselves is only one point of finding the solution. While important, and it must not be overlooked that we have to have ourselves "on board" to gain what is needed to do the task, we do have to look beyond ourselves as well. Looking at that little train with all his will and desire, NEVER could have reached the summit without the fuel for his engine~the coal for his furnace that was stoked so that his energy was sustained in the struggle. Where can we find such power giving energy for ourselves?

Only in God can we find this kind of energy. He is the total source of all we have and all we will ever become! Perseverance is key, but having the energy source is essential...even more important than our own will to win! God's abilities far exceed our own, and it's in His power and might that we have the umph to press on up that hill to our summit~our personal victory!

Are you struggling with a need in your life? Do you have a goal that you desire or a problem that needs solving? God is the answer! He enables each of us to push forward until we reach our summit.
Lady Graceful
Phil 1:6

Saturday, October 24, 2009


In the 1960's the peace symbol became popular as a way of protesting a war and promoting the idea of pacifism. Even the American President, Richard Nixon was photographed with his arms held high and his hands making the gesture. Peace is just a important today in our world as it has ever been. I am not protesting or even commenting on the military efforts today, but about the internal war that rages in our beings, our hearts, souls and minds.

Peace is something we all want. We desire peace. Peace is desirable. It brings satisfaction and security. But with inner conflict, peace isn't achieved while our inner self rages. Peace is only achieved as issues are laid to rest, problems dealt with and progress made. But how can we achieve peace?

Are we capable of peace without seeking God to help us?

God is a God of all comfort who comforts us. . . Isaiah said that God would keep the person in "perfect peace" who continually thinks upon Him. The Bible promises a "peace that passes all understanding."

How can we reconcile what God says to help ourselves to have His peace.

It's His peace that is authentic and purest in nature.

1. Prayer. We need to look to God as our source, shield, and salvation.

2. Confession. Is there something standing between us and God. Confess or tell it to God. Ask Him to remove the obstacles to knowing Him which is knowing peace!

3. Walking with God. When we keep our minds on God and His benefits, methods and Person, we can have confidence to know that our Creator who cares is right there with us~even when it's not fun!

4. Singing to Him. Praising God may seem silly, but what we listen to does affect our thinking. Is our music lifting the soul closer towards the Savior or sinking us down towards the pit? Music can help to heal, and the kinds of music is important.

5. Scripture. How well do we know His Words? Do we realize that He wrote them just for us? THINK: WHAT IF the Bible were to disappear from the earth today? In many countries it's illegal to own a Bible and Christians die to preserve their ability to have access to God's Word. How much more we should treasure the Word of God to give us His thoughts for and to us!

Peace that exceeds ALL understanding is possible only with God, our Lord and Savior!

In Peace,
Lady Graceful

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our bodies ache; our hearts ache. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Other times we are just fine and doing well, but it's the reality that in our lives the rain will come, the storm clouds of hurt that should turn our hearts wholly to God!

God is our refuge and strength. A help in the times of turmoil, trouble, distress and pain.

But what does this look like?

Is it a kind of stoicism where no flinch is noticed and no darkness known in the life of the believer? Some have said that the Christian life is only full of God's wonderful riches in Christ Jesus, and these don't include troubles . . . but don't they?

Is it strongly standing on the facts of God's promises when darkness hides the light of day? This is a closer reality to dealing in the pain of circumstances where we are not able to change our situations or someone has hurt us.

Our pain can be self induced or it can come from another source, but whichever, it's pain none the less.

God is present and knows our troubles, our distress.

I have found great comfort in knowing two things: He cares for me, and there's a reason for my suffering. He has said in I Peter 5:7 that I can give Him my burdens because He cares about me. I can depend on this~for Him to support me in my trial. My reason for troubles while seem self or other inflicted is actually to give God praise for His support in testimony to those who may be experiencing the same that I have gone through. My witness or what I've gone through can actually give God glory to one who may come after me in the same or similar circumstance. This is so deep really, and simple all at the same time!

When I am hurt, sad, lonely, distressed, lost, in pain~I can know He cares and there is purpose.

I can trust the ever TRUSTABLE GOD in my pain.

I am trusting now.
Lady Graceful