Monday, June 21, 2010

Glory to God

What does it mean to give Him glory? I think this is a religious term used in churches, but to give Him glory means to praise Him by giving Him the credit for all the good. Of course we'd never give HIM GLORY by the negative!

What good is going on in your life? God is so good and gracious that we can praise Him with the good in our lives!

Giving HIM the glory~today and always,
Lady Graceful

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Truth is virtually unknown these days...unfortunately the times prove that absolutes are unheard of by what we can see in the everyday. When I was in college about 15 yrs ago, my professor asked a room of 20 somethings and ME~an older returning student in my thirties IF we believed in a definite RIGHT and WRONG... .... .... ... ....

I was the only person to raise my hand. The other OLD DUDE student even, did not believe in absolute truths, only me. I honestly was surprised, but I shouldn't have been. Our society has carved away at truth for years and now we are reaping the benefits of our sowing!

Truth is fundamental and based on something. Without a solid foundation, TRUTH will not stand at all. When discussing marriage as the union of one man and one woman, I discussed the basis for this moral stand as well. What do we base truth and morality upon? Is it the ever changing desires and conscience of society? Remember that some current hymns were banned and considered bad when placed to popular alcohol drinking songs, but today are considered great religious standards reaching to touch many with their value. I well remember when fashion was an issue in the church~by God, you best not be caught DEAD in certain apparel, but today it's an OK what do base TRUTH upon?

The only thing that hasn't changed in 2K years is the Word of God. Since its penning and subsequent copying, God's Word has stood strong and the test of time! Listen, ALL law is based on some moral code. Where did we get ours? Folks all over can deny the Christian heritage of our nation, but just remember what law was established was founded upon the principals found in the Word of God. This is a well documented fact. All US Presidents have acknowledged God and the Bible. ALL except...

Let's remember our heritage of TRUTH and from where it comes. Truth's foundation is the Word. Let's pass It on...

Lady Graceful

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The God Who Comforts

God is the God of all comfort who comforts us so that we can comfort those who are experiencing similar things in life. I have found Him to be faithful and true to me, and hope you will know His love and care today.

Sometime ago I placed a picture on my homeschooling blog *blush* without securing permission, but honestly was so taken with it, as well as thought I had adequately given credit. To my horror, but eventual delight, I was contacted by the gracious owner, T. Alan Kirk who has given me permission along with his wonderful words concerning our Lord. (My advise is to NOT do this again, but ask~WHAT a blessing when things are done in proper order!)

Please go to see this inspiring piece and read his words and mine. I pray you will be blessed by our God who cares.

Lady Graceful
Blessed be the God of all comfort...