Saturday, December 19, 2009

Will the REAL Christmas Please Stand Up?

Distractions are everywhere. Like the Grinch, "Noise! Noise! Noise!" was his cry; I feel his pain! There's tons of noise surrounding this season where we declare that "Christ the Savior is born!" You know, we might be saying it in our churches, but our everyday existences during the holidays it's not said very loudly or well. Lights, and did I mention sounds, smells and all the scenes of the season really don't share Christ. They are certain to share commercialism, greed and excess! Sorry, but it's true. With some introspect we all can recognize that a little simpler, a little less of what's wrong and a GREATER focus of what's right will bring the REAL Christmas to our lives. How consumed are we over our decor, food, gifts...(you put what you will here!)?? But it's also about family~this is the secularist view~the tradition, the spirit of good will....we can see it all over the TV and the idea of family and friends gathering to partake of WHAT???? Food and what? While a focus on family isn't bad~it's not the one we need to have at heart~in our minds and souls~

Forgive me, but anybody notice the attitudes in the stores this time of year? I know this is negative, but to decry all the glories of something that really isn't all that good~bad attitudes and bad behavior isn't right, but while the shopper may be looking for something GOOD like a gift for another, why does the behavior and attitude have to be so rude?

Sugar and rich foods cause all sorts of problems as well. Weight gain and health issues get more complicated. But "our ideas," what's marketed to us is that big huge candy cane or cookies or something else yummy...Oh my mouth is watering..but what is this excess doing to us in the end and the GREATER question~what does this have to do with Jesus and His birth?

We give...Oh yes we do~but don't we "like to receive" too? Let's be real. How far will we get if we only gave? If we only...another idea too is how smug some of us feel when we give. I get sick over the idea of "the less fortunate gift giving deal." Anyone give to someone out of pity? Is THIS love? Uh....

But LOVE was born on that very time of year, when shepherds were in the fields, and people were required to register in their home towns to pay their taxes. Caesar Augustus was Emperor of Rome and wise men were star gazers. Love, real and lasting Love was born~humbly, simply, and without fan fare. But it's not how we remember it with our Christmas celebrations. We get all torn up~even children's padgets can be stressful and harming when children are pressured. PRESSURE that is unnecessary~where did the humility and simplicity go? Why are we in such a tizzy?

The REAL Christmas is LOVE! For God so loved...LOVED the world that He sent His only begotten Son...Love ~greater love hath no man than that He should lay down His life~for HIS FRIENDS...LOVE~Love thy neighbor as thyself....LOVE, love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul and mind...LOVE...that the world may know if we have love one for the other...LOVE~
The embodiment of God's love is His Son, Jesus who in all humility came~and He died just 33 years later, crucified unjustly on a Roman cross. The cross has come to symbolize so much for so many~perhaps it's the REAL CHRISTMAS tree, and LOVE is the REAL CHRISTMAS focus...all this holiday hustle, hurry and bustle isn't about Jesus~it's about man or man's ideas...but LOVE is distinctly FOR mankind, not about mankind.

The REAL Christmas is Jesus~and in each of our lives we must find a way~during ANY holiday to make it all about Him. John said, HE must increase and I must decrease. True of everyone~true of me. We must focus and worship the Savior, the Love of God~Jesus the Christ in all our actions and beliefs. Then truly our Christmas will be as the word actually means ~ a Worship of Christ. Christ-Mass ~True and devoted in us as well look to the Savior!

Merry Christ Mass and may your holidays be real HOLY days!
Lady Graceful
Luke 2

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