Friday, November 6, 2009

To the Summit!

Ever been in a mess, a real pickle where it seemed nearly impossible to get out? Ever found yourself in a struggle or with a real challenge that you wondered how on earth you were going to make it through?

Everyday we are all faced with things, situations and problems that seem unsolvable, unable to fix or just tough! How do we get beyond the struggle to the place of victory, joy and peace?

Perseverance is a huge key to being successful at anything. Remember the children's story of The Little Engine That Could who pressed up the steep mountain with the words, "I think I can! I think I can!" as he pushed right up that obstacle to find himself at the summit with full victory? He never gives up nor in...he continues as hard and as steady as he can go..up, up, up until he reaches the top in victory, sweet victory!

For us, the bigger the problem, the greater the demand to overcome, the sweeter the victory! The more we invest, the better the payout! Even in our problems, something of refinement is occurring. Refinement, a purification of ourselves and we reach deeper, harder, in more earnest to find the solution, the way, the ability.

Reaching deeply into ourselves is only one point of finding the solution. While important, and it must not be overlooked that we have to have ourselves "on board" to gain what is needed to do the task, we do have to look beyond ourselves as well. Looking at that little train with all his will and desire, NEVER could have reached the summit without the fuel for his engine~the coal for his furnace that was stoked so that his energy was sustained in the struggle. Where can we find such power giving energy for ourselves?

Only in God can we find this kind of energy. He is the total source of all we have and all we will ever become! Perseverance is key, but having the energy source is essential...even more important than our own will to win! God's abilities far exceed our own, and it's in His power and might that we have the umph to press on up that hill to our summit~our personal victory!

Are you struggling with a need in your life? Do you have a goal that you desire or a problem that needs solving? God is the answer! He enables each of us to push forward until we reach our summit.
Lady Graceful
Phil 1:6

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  1. I know he can I know he can! Thnx for this. Being a close friend you already know my struggles. But I need this reminder every now and again!