Saturday, October 24, 2009


In the 1960's the peace symbol became popular as a way of protesting a war and promoting the idea of pacifism. Even the American President, Richard Nixon was photographed with his arms held high and his hands making the gesture. Peace is just a important today in our world as it has ever been. I am not protesting or even commenting on the military efforts today, but about the internal war that rages in our beings, our hearts, souls and minds.

Peace is something we all want. We desire peace. Peace is desirable. It brings satisfaction and security. But with inner conflict, peace isn't achieved while our inner self rages. Peace is only achieved as issues are laid to rest, problems dealt with and progress made. But how can we achieve peace?

Are we capable of peace without seeking God to help us?

God is a God of all comfort who comforts us. . . Isaiah said that God would keep the person in "perfect peace" who continually thinks upon Him. The Bible promises a "peace that passes all understanding."

How can we reconcile what God says to help ourselves to have His peace.

It's His peace that is authentic and purest in nature.

1. Prayer. We need to look to God as our source, shield, and salvation.

2. Confession. Is there something standing between us and God. Confess or tell it to God. Ask Him to remove the obstacles to knowing Him which is knowing peace!

3. Walking with God. When we keep our minds on God and His benefits, methods and Person, we can have confidence to know that our Creator who cares is right there with us~even when it's not fun!

4. Singing to Him. Praising God may seem silly, but what we listen to does affect our thinking. Is our music lifting the soul closer towards the Savior or sinking us down towards the pit? Music can help to heal, and the kinds of music is important.

5. Scripture. How well do we know His Words? Do we realize that He wrote them just for us? THINK: WHAT IF the Bible were to disappear from the earth today? In many countries it's illegal to own a Bible and Christians die to preserve their ability to have access to God's Word. How much more we should treasure the Word of God to give us His thoughts for and to us!

Peace that exceeds ALL understanding is possible only with God, our Lord and Savior!

In Peace,
Lady Graceful

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