Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Our bodies ache; our hearts ache. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Other times we are just fine and doing well, but it's the reality that in our lives the rain will come, the storm clouds of hurt that should turn our hearts wholly to God!

God is our refuge and strength. A help in the times of turmoil, trouble, distress and pain.

But what does this look like?

Is it a kind of stoicism where no flinch is noticed and no darkness known in the life of the believer? Some have said that the Christian life is only full of God's wonderful riches in Christ Jesus, and these don't include troubles . . . but don't they?

Is it strongly standing on the facts of God's promises when darkness hides the light of day? This is a closer reality to dealing in the pain of circumstances where we are not able to change our situations or someone has hurt us.

Our pain can be self induced or it can come from another source, but whichever, it's pain none the less.

God is present and knows our troubles, our distress.

I have found great comfort in knowing two things: He cares for me, and there's a reason for my suffering. He has said in I Peter 5:7 that I can give Him my burdens because He cares about me. I can depend on this~for Him to support me in my trial. My reason for troubles while seem self or other inflicted is actually to give God praise for His support in testimony to those who may be experiencing the same that I have gone through. My witness or what I've gone through can actually give God glory to one who may come after me in the same or similar circumstance. This is so deep really, and simple all at the same time!

When I am hurt, sad, lonely, distressed, lost, in pain~I can know He cares and there is purpose.

I can trust the ever TRUSTABLE GOD in my pain.

I am trusting now.
Lady Graceful

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  1. I hope that someday I can have faith like this. I find that when trouble comes I do not have enough.