Friday, October 16, 2009

It's WHAT We Do on Sunday . . .

We live in such a busy world and the holidays will hold us captive from now until they arrive busling about trying to create for ourselves some kind of perfect "image" of happiness. Whew! This is profound, I think...but for someone who feels a bit overwhelmed, busyness can be a killer! Running here and there~this place~that activity, we go and go and go go go! No wonder stress is killing our bodies, minds, AND our spiritual life!

I wish I had a "plug nickle" for every time~EVERY TIME the church plans an activity or event or something that I have seen the "faithful few" trickle in . . . Of course you have the "dead-ringers: the pastor and his family and those who come, faithfully! Praise God for those who support their house of worship!!!!!

But more often than not, I get to hear all the reasons and busyness in people's lives~lives that have been taken over~Yeah, you've got Lady G right~TAKEN OVER with other things than a concern for His church, His body of believers, His mission . . .

"I have ___________, so we won't be there," is so common that it's no wonder that state of the church is in perile in America. Christians have found their way into this world to the neglect of God's business for activities and things of this world. Is it ALL wrong? Is busyness sin?

I consider these questions as one who is present and accounted for~leading the pack, if you will to "charge the gates of hell" with my Lord's arsenal, but find that some of my brothers and sisters do not realize just HOW important the church really is to the Christian walk. There are even some who have forsaken the body for a life of Christ-following beyond the doors of the "traditional" church . . . house churching which isn't bad, I don't believe as it's a New Testament model, but house churching isn't an issue that I'm discussing, but the neglect of God's house!

Neglect for the church and embracing the cares of this world are trends everywhere! We are admonished not to lay up our treasures in this world, not to become conformed to the image of this world, to be peculiar people. WHERE does this fit into the lifestyle that we have chosen as the American Christian church? I don't care what your denomination is or if you are nondemoninational~lifestyle cannont override our desire to please the Lord Jesus Christ! We must support what He finds pleasing.

When my daughter was younger, she wanted to do gymnastics and cheer. I am going to stomp some toes here, I am sure . . . perhaps I can do this tenderly by sharing our story and you can take from it what you will. When we found out that our child would be required to travel for Sunday and Wednesday meets, that was the end of that. As talented and athletic as she is, this was NOT the path for her . . . besides, when we could see that cheer in so many ways was "suggestive dance" we put a halt to this quick! Another example comes from our own family~yes, we are narrow in our lifestyle~ Praise God-YES!! FOR STRAIGHT IS THE GATE AND NARROW the WAY!!! Our daughter attends AWANA and has put her heart and mind into learning the Scripture. She actually has such a knowledge of the Bible that it's rather intimidating for me, her mother to teacher her sometimes . . . and she is old enough NOW to be a leader in training within the program. She is purely qualified. But! For her own spiritual development, we have with her desire, encouraged her to stay in her class~learning! LEARNING verses the fun, not that learning isn't fun, but learning instead of being out there~
I will say that her time for leading is here in other ways, but her desire to know the Word is preeminent! I am thankful for this, but it didn't all start when she was 14~oh no! It came in the years as a young child, and we dressed her modestly and taught her and led her in the way. I am amazed at Christian parents who allow their child to assimilate the world's values because "oh it's soooo cute!" Yeah, all puppies and kittens, babies are cute~even when they are biting and without training, but when these grow up~what a challenge to train and show the way!

Folks have taken the "it's what we do on Sunday" attitude with their church lives . . . "I'll be there as long as . . .(you name the activity or function) doesn't interfere as if church is a sideline prospect or proposition!!!!!!!!! Is it any wonder folks, that the church numbers are diminishing in our nation? WE ARE IN TROUBLE as a Christian people, and few seem to care! There's no repentence, no sorrow, no fear of God! WE MUST get back to the CALL of GOD to worship HIM in power and in truth!

I encourage you to consider your ways before the Lord. Don't listen to me, but consider your own relationship with God. Is your church life just something you do on Sunday? Is your relationship with the Lord one that will take a back seat for other things?

First it is paramount to confess our sins to God who is our judge, not me. The Lord knows your heart and mind. He is able to forgive.

One favorite passage of Scripture that holds such a promise,
If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I Jn 1:9

We can count on His promises to restore us to God and His plan for our lives~and once we have moved in this direction, we should follow the Lord in concern for His people.

In His Grace,
Lady Graceful
John 17~Jesus' prayer in the Garden before His arrest. He was concerned for His followers-this is you and me!

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