Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ever been wronged? Had your dander kicked up to realize that the person really didn't mean it OR that they did?

Forgiveness is the only action that can bring real reconciliation in a situation like this, and because forgiveness isn't easy, we must depend upon God to help us and to issue grace to the offender(s) in our lives.

I have someone who is on my "fifth nerve." Yes, Lady Graceful has issues at times with this~so you are not alone with the problem of interpersonal relationships that can be painful...I really have to deal with this thing too; as it can get out of hand! REAL resentments can build, and then broken relationships will occur~or maybe they already have occurred!

Forgiveness~genuine putting down the AX and giving the person the benefit of the doubt is the only way that something like this can be healed in a relationship. A healing so sound and strong that the offender is treated as if the offense had never occurred~and not just treated in some superficial way either, but genuinely forgiven, forgotten and restored to fellowship.

OK~I KNOW this is near utterly impossible! In fact, it is impossible without the grace of our Lord and Savior empowering us to forgive and restore.

If we consider that often people are not "out to get us" but are just rubbing us the wrong way innocently~and ignorantly, then forgiving may come easier, but will forgetting be something within our human-ness?

Probably not. But with God all things are possible. I John tells us that if we hate our brother who we have seen, how can we love God Who we have not? We are called to be reconciled to each other in grace.


Power from above~yup!

God alone is the source for such powerful forgiveness! The walk of faith in Christ is what brings us to the place to be able to forgive EVEN when I'm not asked to forgive, EVEN when the person continues to hit that nerve!

Forgiveness~STRAIGHT FROM our Heavenly Father~

Lady Graceful

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