Friday, March 20, 2009

Grace and Forgiveness Tied in a Bow!

It's amazing how God's grace and forgiveness are each hinged one to the other by our Lord. God gave grace, His undeserving favor to humankind through His son, Jesus Christ to offer forgiveness. Without his offer in mercy, there would be no grace, for in mercy He has viewed the sinful condition of mankind and then saw that it would require reconciliation to bring humanity to Himself in the form of grace which brings forgivenss to the person recieving it.

What an offer from a loving God to people everywhere!

God so loved us that while we were yet (or still) sinners Christ died for us.

This Easter Season is a time of careful reflection regarding our relationship with God. Do you know Him? Have you experienced His grace through mercy bringing you His forgiveness?

Consider that peace with God begins here! And it surpasses all human reasoning that God could send His son to reconcile man to Himself. The Cross, cruelest form of execution was common place inthe Roman world. Jesus Christ (Christ meaning the Hebrew word Messiah in Greek) was unjustly accused and executed in this way that totally changed the way man can approach God since the beginning of time. When Jesus cried, "It is finished!" He signified the completion of that portion of grace where humanity's debt was paid in full~redeemed!

Enjoy this Easter season with the knowledge that God Grace and mercy bring His forgiveness!

So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many;
Hebrews 9:28a

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