Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Voice of God

Some claim audible dealings with God. I have not heard Him in that way, but I know in Bible times He made Himself known in various ways from dreams, visions, burning bush experiences, and even a blinding experience on a road called Damascus. Today one thing is certain that God does call to us. . . and while you may be like me and never have heard audible sounds in your ears, we can hear Him call and talk to us each and every moment of the day~through His Word!

The Bible speaks untold wisdom for the Christian who will heed Its words. Solomon, the wisest man of all time, continually encouraged his son to listen to wisdom, to heed the knowledge from God.

We have all been given basic instructions for this life. Basic yet profound! Just reading the Ten Commandments God lays out basic rules for dealing with Himself, within the family and with all of humanity. These are NOT negotiable instances where a Christian can decide to obey or ignore the voice of God. We must heed what is in His Word!

Basic is the plan of salvation, the very thought that mankind needs a Savior to redeem him from the path that was set when the original sin happened in the Garden of Eden. This is the first cry of God to us. In Romans 1:20 we can know that all of humanity is without excuse in knowing God. He has shown His power and God-ness through His creation to all mankind! Does this mean we have no responsibility to share Christ with our family, friends, neighbors, everyone? The command of Jesus to his followers is to go and teach...while an innate knowledge of God exists, it is our duty to share the Savior with the world.

Basic things the Lord tells his people are not always the simplest of instructions. He says we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. I have found this interesting because we can find ourselves either focused on the first or the latter parts, not realizing that both are essential to the other! How can I love my neighbor if I hate me? Some self love as God bought believers is absolutely necessary to be able to love others. We are to turn the other cheek when we have been grievously offended. Tough, but not impossible! AND these are the basics of His voice...Study to show ourselves approved unto God rightly dividing or handling the Word of truth (Scripture.) Here is another basic...knowing God's Word through study so that we can handle It with the respect and understanding He desires for His purposes!

If you ever wonder if God is speaking to you~IS He calling out your name for some task or job or mission in this life? Think on His Word. What He places in your heart will never be in contradiction to His Word. Careful study of the Bible is essential to hearing the voice of God in our lives~ we must pay close attention just as though He is whispering in our ear the very secrets of the throne of God!

The Voice of God is audible~through His Word and will ALWAYS be in line with Scripture!

Manson said *he* was Jesus Christ~ha! If he had known the Bible, or his *followers* known the Scripture he would have been identified much earlier than he was for his illogical and false thinking~NO murderer could be the Messiah (Hebrew) or Christ (Greek.)

I encourage us all to seek out God's voice in His Word daily~to know what He wants us to do and become! AND remember that *voice* will never be in contradiction to His Word, the Bible!

In Him
Lady Graceful
Phil 1:6

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