Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring~Seeking Precious Resources IN God. . .

Today is a beautiful Lord's day...Every day is His! Sunny warm with bright blue skies. I am excited to get out today and ramble around! Kids are working hard in their educational pursuits...son is reading, daughter is internet surfing~I'm so thankful to have them in my life! I have heard all kinds of rantings about how much trouble kids are...and yes, they are troubles sometimes! BUT what a huge blessing for the future!

I have a wonderful way to think of spring, a time of beauty and renewal after the harsh and bitter winter that often comes in our lives.


We need to rely up Him for our joy and renewal as the once darkened cold and blustery winter has passed, and green is coming up from the ground and colors of God's splendor in flowery delight are peeking to the light of the sun~to His delight and ours!! Praise Him for Spring, the season each year and in our lives! God is so good to His children! I praise Him for it in my own life. Trials, successes, failures, joys, sickness, battles, victories, each with a price and process! Thank You God for remembering us with the warmth of the Son in our hearts to bring out your beauty~
the beauty of Spring as we rely upon you for all of our resources!

So many are finding difficulty these days with the economic situations they face. We too have been and are there as well. Next post I will share what happened and how God has blessed us! Along with some info that can help YOU LIVE ON LESS~yes! It's possible to live on less!! AND not feel deprived! Let's focus on HIS resources this spring daily in our lives, fully reaching out to Him for renewal and substance!

I am wishing you grace and mercy from God the Father!

Lady Grace
Phil. 1:6


  1. Ooh, congratulations on starting your new blog! Your layout is so elegant! Yes, HE does provide, doesn't he? So many things we seek are not the things we need -- I am so thankful for this mercy and grace and forgiveness!

  2. Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm a Christian too! It's nice to meet another sister in Christ! Here's my post.


  3. Hello! You have a lovely blog. I am dropping by from the party to introduce myself and invite you to visit my blog.

    Have a blessed evening!