Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding Myself in Him, Quietly Alone

Noise! Noise! Noise! Loud sounds from the television; music blaring! Sounds all around to drown out thoughts and feelings. Diversion. Interruption. Accompaniment. Birds not heard. Trees rustling in the breeze. The buzz of the yellow and black bumble bee unable to be heard above the sounds of the roadway as cars pass quickly, in a hurry to go. Anxious chatter from those we know. Pleasantries, superficial language not real communication or connection.

Shhhh. Be still. Oh it won't hurt, or pain. I'm trying it...There are sounds I've not heard before. A squeak where there shouldn't be faint but distinct. If the everyday distractions are present, I would have missed would have eluded my attention.

Hmmmm...what else am I missing? Could there be something I am missing that is taken up by all the clinging and clanging in my life? Am I seeking the business and noise to drown out something deep inside?

In Psalm 23 the shepherd Psalmist, David says that God leads him beside still waters and restores his soul. Still waters are not turbulent. They are calm and quiet. I am encouraged also to be still and know that He is God or rather that God is God. Being still and quiet lends itself to a contemplation of Who God is and what He has done for me.

On the other hand if I am busy busy busy running here, there and yonder can I hear Him? Can I sense Him? Will I be restored, renewed, reinvigorated in Him?

I came across this song tonight that I want to share with you because it's meaning is timeless. Often our busy, noisy, event-filled lives is an act to be...

All I Ever Have to Be

When the weight of all my dreams
Is resting heavy on my head,
And the thoughtful words of health and hope
Have all been nicely said.

But I'm still hurting,
Wondering if I'll ever be
The one I think I am.

I think I am.

Then you gently re-remind me
That you've made me from the first,
And the more I try to be the best
The more I get the worst.

And I realize the good in me,
Is only there because of who you are.

Who you are...

And all I ever have to be
Is what you've made me.
Any more or less would be a step
Out of your plan.

As you daily recreate me,
Help me always keep in mind
That I only have to do
What I can find.

And all I ever have to be
All I have to be
All I ever have to be
Is what you've made me.

When Mary, sister of Martha poured out the precious oil upon Jesus' feet drying them with her hair, her worship was subtle, quiet and profound. Did Mary content herself with so many cares of this world or with the worship of her Savior? She worshiped. She was where and how she was supposed to be which wasn't very popular with her sister or the disciple, Judas (the betrayer who also was treasurer.)

May I get quiet, still and worshipful, knowing that the struggle within can be filled by Him alone to be who HE HAS MADE ME TO BE! And may I prayerfully be satisfied with His creation~me.

May we both know Him more fully in simple, quiet and peaceful ways that teach us that we are His creation, and in Him we are complete.

In peace,
Lady Graceful
Phil. 1:6

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