Saturday, April 11, 2009

Resurrection Morning!

Happy Easter Everyone! He LIVES! We don't worship a dead and buried Savior, but One who is alive forever more with God the Heavenly Father!

In just a few short hours in our time zone the sun will rise just as it did that first resurrection morning when the women went to anoint the body of our Lord who had been placed in the tomb with the huge rock to seal it. Imagine their grief and that of the disciples in despair believing that their Master and friend was gone forever, killed on the cross, the cruelest form of execution of the day. I have wondered if they worried if they were going to be next because not only had Peter denied the Lord when questioned, but they were hiding out as it seemed in a room away from all the activity and bustle of the day. Fear must have consumed them along with their grief,perhaps guilt too. What could they have done to have stopped the events that unfolded before their eyes? These are very real human emotions that seem possible for ones in this circumstance of losing their leader.

But it was the women whose task it was to anoint the body of the Lord in death who were first to approach the tomb, surprised and almost in shock. I do suppose that I would have been rubbing my own eyes in disbelief as I saw the angel and heard his word, "He is not here; for He has risen from the dead." Running, these women as I imagine them were exited to tell the others...they knew where to find them...had they been there before going to the tomb waiting and praying? Upon reaching the disciples it was Peter and John who run back to the tomb to SEE for themselves. I think it's interesting that the first thoughts seem to be that someone had stolen the body...where was their faith? Had they not listened to their Lord?

Easter brings so much for us as we can consider all the emotions of the disciples that ultimately end in joy and knowledge that Jesus Christ arose out of that grave to walk among the people again. His victory over death is a major distinctive of Christian belief for if He remains dead, then He is like all other worshiped or revered.

Often we are bombarded by cares that we can't control or that seem to come out of nowhere. It is in these times that if we trust God we can see that His plan is one that while it may take us through the darkness, we can rest assured that dawn is on its way~JOY COMES IN THE MORNING! Weeping only lasts for the night...

Joy and peace in knowing that God has a plan that in our humanness seems harsh, not doable, incomprehensible...but if it's His plan then He will carry us through it...Carry us, step by step, inch by inch into safety and His presence.

Oh those disciples were upset and afraid hiding up in that upper room to find that the God of the Universe had it under control all along. I need to remember that in circumstances that are difficult and build my faith.

It's not long and the sun will be peaking up...Happy Easter!
IN Power and Peace~both are the Lord's
Lady Graceful
Phil 1:6

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